Info on Omeprazole Side Effects in Treatment of Chronic Acid Reflux

The Acid and reflux condition is very serious and in case it goes untreated the condition could end up causing a lot of damage within the esophagus during an erosion of the acid along the lining, allowing stomach acid to leak into a person’s lungs and mouth. One of the medications used for this is Omeprazole and it is a very effective medication. However, just like any other medication out there, it comes with its fair share of side effects that you should be rightly aware of.

omeprazole side effects

Omeprazole side effects are rarely seen but quite serious if they ever manifest themselves as you take the drug. They might include a number of serious allergic reactions seen in the form of shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing, voice hoarseness, chest tightness, body parts swelling, rashes and even itchiness. There are other severe ones such as a sudden and deep upper abdomen pain that could be pointing out to stomach acids untoward reaction. Also, the appearance of immediate weight gain, vision changes, skin yellowing, chills and fever could indicate different body metabolic problems.

Also, most of the Omeprazole side effects can easily be managed and hardly pose any risk to a person. However, it is very important to consult a healthcare professional or physician as well as complying with the already given or prescribed regimen so that you can prevent such untoward effects. A treatment of Acid and Reflux condition and symptoms goes far in curing the heartburn’s miserable symptoms and making sure the esophagus that has been clearly scratched has been healed, including damage to the LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter). It is also important to note that there are a lot of immediate relief remedies out there already given. Always remember the symptoms that could alert you of the condition include burning sensation and shortness of breath which are some of the commonest of symptoms when it comes to heartburn. It is important to remember the nature of Acid and Reflux condition including the manifested symptoms makes it one of those situations one can confuse with those of another.

Another of the serious and utterly vexing Omeprazole side effects quite severe is hypo-magnesia sometimes defined as the body having low magnesium concentration. The result of this is due to the part that magnesium plays in the maintenance and control of the balance existing between acid and base within the body. Mild and first manifestations of such an issue happen to be cramping, numbness, muscles sensitivity, increased reactivity, dizziness and fatigability. In case the low levels of magnesium are not promptly brought to normal, a person could end up suffering some life threatening types of conditions or complications such as muscle sever spasms, heart rhythm obviously abnormal including seizures that could end up affecting the flow of blood across the human body.

omeprazole side effects

Remember that Acid and Reflux affects a huge number of the populace.  It is universal as well. However, it is only a very small percentage of sufferers ever realize what might be happening.